• Stock of AirAsia on the Rise

    Stock of AirAsia on the Rise

    Going private with a stock by AirAsia is a move to help stabilize this small but growing air carrier's business. This move to privatization is just speculation, but the founder of the airlines has stated that he is in contact with financial institutions in the search for acquiring capital.

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  • Drone Company Fined by FAA

    Drone Company Fined by FAA

    Flying in restricted areas around cities and airports has always been illegal for aircraft, but now the laws are being changed to include unmanned drones. To help make a point and grab attention of other drone operators the FAA has passed out a record fine for the violation of restricted airspace.

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  • The Longest Scheduled Flight Shortened Just A Bit

    The Longest Scheduled Flight Shortened Just A Bit

    Flying long distances by an airline is nothing new, but setting the record for the longest scheduled flight will now have to wait until next year. This decision was made by Air India to shorten their flight from India to San Francisco by changing the origination point from Bengaluru to New Delhi.

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  • Mesa Airline is the Little Air Carrier That Could

    Mesa Airline is the Little Air Carrier That Could

    Contract workers are nothing new in America, but a contract air carrier is still a little unusual. This is exactly what Mesa Airlines is and most passengers of this fleet are unaware they are flying on board a contract flight.

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  • Wyndham Group & Marriott International in the News

    Wyndham Group & Marriott International in the News

    Both the Wyndham Group and Marriott International are in the land based accommodation business sector. They host a vast number of world travelers with temporary housing that is at a high level of comfort and service.

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  • Qatar Airways at Expo Milano 2015

    Qatar Airways at Expo Milano 2015

    Expo Milano 2015 had many participants, but the Qatar pavilion stood out above the rest as a top 10 place attendees just had to visit. There were many interactive items on display that featured the level of luxury passengers of Qatar Airways offers on daily basis.

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  • Finnair with New Long Haul Aircraft to Asia

    Finnair with New Long Haul Aircraft to Asia

    Now taking to the air from the Finnair fleet is the all new Airbus 350 XWD. This is the new wide body jetliner that is more fuel efficient than previous models made by this European aircraft manufacturer.

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  • Kidman Verses Aniston in the Battle of the Skies

    Kidman Verses Aniston in the Battle of the Skies

    The battle of the Hollywood stars has hit the skies with Jennifer Aniston against Nicole Kidman. The battlefields are the luxury first class accommodations of the airlines Emirates and Etihad.

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  • AirAsia Returns to the Skies Above Japan

    AirAsia Returns to the Skies Above Japan

    AirAsia is again flying routes in Japan even with their partnership with All Nippon Airways being dissolved a few years ago. Permission has been granted AirAsia to operate out of an airport not presently being serviced by other low cost carriers in Japan.

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  • Pilot Died In-flight But Aircraft Safely Landed

    Pilot Died In-flight But Aircraft Safely Landed

    On Monday of this week, an American Airlines pilot died of a fatal heart attack while in control of a commercial flight from Phoenix to Boston. As procedure dictates, the co-pilot was at his post when the fatal event occurred and he assumed control over the direction of the plane immediately.

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  • AirAsia Stock on the Rise Again
  • FAA Passing Out Record Fine to Drone Operator
  • The Longest Scheduled Commercial Flight Shortened
  • The Growth of Mesa Airlines is Continuing
  • Events That Can Affect the International Traveler
  • Qatar Airways Shined Above the Rest
  • Airbus 350 Now to Asia on Finnair
  • Aniston and Kidman being used by Gulf Air Carriers
  • AirAsia Will Begin Flying Flights Out of Japan
  • Co-Pilot Saved Plane When Pilot Died In-flight

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