• Babylon Revisited

    Babylon Revisited

    Fifty miles north of the ancient city of Babylon, a new Mesopotamian gem sparkles along the Tigris River. Is business booming in Baghdad?

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  • Instantly Paris

    Instantly Paris

    Manhattan is the mysterious rendezvous point, and October 24 is the date: Air France is promising to reward some lucky weekend traveler wannabes with an instant flight to the City of Light.

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  • Topflight: Tesla Taxis

    Topflight: Tesla Taxis

    Landing in Amsterdam these days can net you a ride in one of the cars of tomorrow, right now.

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  • Inspiring Women

    Inspiring Women

    Join Us as We Continue to Celebrate Inspiring Women by Honoring the 30 Most Compelling Women in the Travel Industry.

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  • Grandeur in a Glass

    Grandeur in a Glass

    A new pop-up menu at The Beaufort Bar at The Savoy underscores in spectacular fashion the wide range of unique cocktails available at one of London's most dramatic drinking establishments.

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  • Into the Pink

    Into the Pink

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and companies are wrapping themselves in pink ribbons, ostensibly to boost awareness and raise funds. However, not all pinkness is created equal.

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  • Virginal Tease

    Virginal Tease

    The hotly anticipated Virgin Hotel in Chicago—the company's first hotel property—is now scheduled to open in January. Although the look of the hotel is still a big secret, a few leaks are out about the perks in store.

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  • Pandemic Panic

    Pandemic Panic

    Battling the spread of the Ebola virus requires taking extraordinary precautionary measures and practicing safety protocols with diligence. But the shadow of fear need not cast a pall over your every travel plan.

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  • German Disconnection

    German Disconnection

    German aviation authorities have refused to grant permission for over half of the code-share flights of the Air Berlin–Etihad partnership.

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  • Bye-Bye, Little Red

    Bye-Bye, Little Red

    Virgin Atlantic has announced that it will cease operation of its domestic U.K. service, Little Red.

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  • Warwick Hotels Opens New Location in Bagdad
  • Air France Offers Instant Takeoff Sweepstakes
  • Schiphol Airport Takes a Turn for the Future
  • The Most Compelling Women in Travel
  • Captivating Cocktails at The Savoy in London
  • It’s a Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink World
  • An Animated Sneak Peek from Virgin Hotels
  • Fearing More Than Fear Itself
  • Authorities Deny Air Berlin–Etihad Code-Shares
  • Virgin Red Consumed by Big Bad British Market

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